As one of the founders of TheGRILL in Beverly Hills, it is important to have a company available, on a moment’s notice, to react and fix problems immediately. MALIBU ESTATE CONCIERGE has been taking care of my Malibu home for almost 4 years, but recently we had an emergency at one of our restaurants in Beverly Hills and I called Jan Wilson. He called the right people and sent a crew to repair the roof while it was raining and within hours everything was back to normal. MALIBU ESTATE CONCIERGE is now number 1 on my list for emergency repairs.
— Mike Weinstock Co-Chairman and Executive Vice President, Grill Concepts Inc.
Residing in Florida and maintaining a vacation home on Malibu Beach has its inherit complications. Because of the salt air, our initial Malibu visits were met with the absence of hot water and non functioning kitchen appliances and TV’s, as well as other time consuming ‘Beach House’ maintenance tasks. We quickly realized the need for the services of a well rounded, talented and self-motivated individual to insure our enjoying a ‘True Relaxing Vacation’. Jan Wilson of Malibu Estate Concierge is ‘That Man’!
— Mr. Simpson
I have known Jan Wilson for years and he has always been reliable. I call him for everything, and there hasn’t been an issue too big or small that he hasn’t been able to deal with. He is a pleasure to work with.
— Lauren Dolgen SVP Series Development, MTV
You continue to do a terrific job caring for both of my houses. Thanks again for all you do for us. I will be happy to give a recommendation for anyone who wishes to contact me.
— Susan Dolgen Malibu, CA
Your extra care for our vacation home makes spending our time a perfect get away.
— Malibu Vacation Home Owner
Our cars are ready, events planned and executed meticulously, and our home always looks pristine. Malibu Estate Concierge is first in class.
— Malibu Estate Owner
I couldn’t imagine anyone else managing the vendors on our behalf. Jan and his team are organized and work extremely well with all of our staff. Great work!
— California/Malibu Resident
Our Event was successful by every sense of the word. Thank you and your team for assisting us through a busy and complex event.
— Malibu Vacation Homeowner